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• HEP is one of the most reliable power plants on Hawaii Island which, in turn, helps maintain a high reliability for the island’s grid.

• Due to the technology and the high level of maintenance and operations at the plant, HEP is an extremely reliable source of energy for Hawaii Island and HELCO.  

• HEP is a well-established, operationally proven power generation facility.

• HEP is in its 13th year of operation and has a highly skilled operations team that is a major contributor to the facility’s reliability. HEP provides a large amount of power generation to the island’s grid that allows HELCO the opportunity to accept future customers without having to build and commission new generation for several years. HEP maintains a safe workplace and has operated for over 9 years with no recordable or lost time accidents.

• HEP employs 17 people and indirectly supports other jobs in the trucking and petroleum industries.

• All 17 employees are Hawaii Island residents who are involved in activities that support their communities. They participate on community boards, coach youth sports, donate to numerous charities, and give their time to local organizations. The HEP facility purchases goods and services from a large number of local and state businesses. These range from the local hardware & grocery stores to specialized welding & repair shops to chemical supply & disposal services to fuel refining & transportation companies. This leads to HEP infusing millions of dollars each year into Hawaii’s economy.

• Because of its flexibility, HEP plays an important role in allowing Hawaii Island to accommodate existing and future renewable generation.

• HEP is one of the most flexible generating plants in terms range of output.   HEP is a key player in the transition to higher penetrations of cost effective renewable energy and in HELCO’s ability to accommodate non-firm wind, solar and firm base load generation (e.g. geothermal and biomass).   

• HEP’s power generating units are essential to compensating for the varying outputs of the as-available renewable power generation on Hawaii Island. With the increase of wind and solar power over the last few years, the need for fossil fuel back-up to fluctuating renewable generation has increased. HEP is able to ramp its output up and down to accommodate the sudden loss or availability of renewable generation, based on increasing and decreasing wind speeds and solar efficiencies, and is able to respond quickly to the loss of another liquid fuel generating unit.