Energy Efficiency


The Hamakua Energy Partners, LP (HEP) plant is the largest single power plant on Hawaii Island. When operating at capacity, the 60 megawatts (MW) of electricity produced represents approximately 1/3 of Hawaii Island’s total electrical consumption needs. The plant uses two G.E. LM2500 Combustion Turbine engines which can produce up to 22 MW’s of electricity each. The first landbased GE LM2500 aeroderivative machines, derived from the flight engines used on the DC10 and C5A transports, were shipped by GE, the CT designer and supplier, in 1979. This type of engine is the most widely used in the aircraft industry and is currently used on DC-10, MD-11, A300, 747, and 767 aircraft as well as on ships serving 24 international navies. GE reports over 1,500 GE LM2500s installed throughout the world.

The HEP plant utilizes the exhaust heat from the Combustion Turbines as the energy source for Heat Recovery Steam Generators. They produce enough superheated steam to operate a 20 MW steam turbine generator that results in an efficient use of energy that might otherwise be wasted.

The combined cycle aspect of the Hamakua Energy Partners, LP (HEP) power plant, makes this plant the most efficient fossil-fueled power plant on Hawaii Island.